Backup Services

Peace of Mind Included with every backup

The world is full of bad people and bad programs and bad events, all looking to destroy our data, our machines and our memories…



Viruses and Malware

Hackers and website attacks

Are you protected?  Have you ensured that your business, your memories and your life can carry on, no matter what?

Instead of wondering and worrying every time the news reports a new virus or website attack, let Shazaam Websites take care of your machines, your websites and frayed nerves.  Shazaam’s fully automated backup services take care of it all for you and ensure that your backups are done the right way, every time.  Just as importantly, your backups are also stored offsite, ensuring that come what may, your life and your business are safe and sound, securely stored in a protected but still highly available cloud-based location.  

Our backup services can protect not only your WordPress website, but also the critical information and valuable family and intellectual content on your PC, laptop, and / or Android phone.  All your backups will be stored in the same cloud-based location, giving you the ultimate in protection and peace of mind.  Don’t you feel better already?

While we of course highly recommend our own website hosting services, Shazaam Websites is able to provide our top notch backup services to a clients on a wide range of other hosting sites as well.  Where ever your website is located, contact us by clicking on the button below and get a quote from us.  Do it today and sleep well tonight.

Our Top-Rated Backup Services

You’re busy running your business. We understand! That’s why we offer a comprehensive automated backup plan to take care of the internal detail of protecting your website

Shazaam backup services can protect




Android phones

… and more devices to come

Regular automated backups

Secure, offsite, cloud-based storage of backups

Special backups to cover one-time needs

Restoration from backup included in price

Backup website of any size

Backups available of websites and nearly all makes and models of PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets or phones